Patients & relatives

Im Folgenden möchten wir Sie darüber aufklären, was Sie als Patient oder Angehöriger wissen sollten und welche Vorkehrungen es zu treffen gilt.

Mut zum Fragen

We encourage you to ask any questions that are on your mind!

Sie haben das Recht, alles über Ihre Erkrankung und die Behandlungsmöglichkeiten zu erfahren und haben die Wahl zwischen verschiedenen Behandlungsmöglichkeiten. Jede Therapie, die begonnen wurde – egal ob es um Chemotherapie oder künstliche Ernährung geht – kann wieder beendet werden, auch vorzeitig, d. h. früher als ursprünglich geplant.

Beratung von Patienten und Angehörigen

Your body means your decision

Remember that you are the expert of your disease and your body. Doctors are the experts in the theory of disease and treatment. Only you can sense what will help you and what will not. If a disease is far advanced, it must be weighed particularly thoroughly whether a possible prolongation of life is in proportion to the risks and side effects of a therapy.

We encourage you to ask any question!

It is your legitimate concern to ask more precisely:

- At best, what life extension can I gain from therapy - more like three years, three months, or three weeks?
- What are the risks of the therapy? Can these risks be life-threatening?
- What side effects should I expect?
- Will my daily life be greatly affected?
- What interactions can occur between therapies, e.g. between chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

Patient Decree & Health Care Proxy

We recommend that you draw up a living will. There are also counseling options for this. The advance directive should contain formulations that are as precise as possible.

It is even more important to us that you specify in a health care proxy who should represent your interests if you are unable to do so yourself. You should talk to this person in detail about your wishes regarding end-of-life therapy. The more precisely the trusted person knows your wishes, likes and dislikes, the easier it is to implement the living will.

We would like to encourage you - regardless of age and illness - to talk openly about these topics in your family, or at least with the person you trust. This is not always easy. But the more consciously we deal with our dying, the more intensively we can live!

Patients' Rights Act - Inspecting your patient file

Since 2013, the Patients' Rights Act has stipulated that you are allowed to inspect your patient file. It is helpful if you have a copy of every doctor's letter or report of findings. We can "translate" these for you into understandable language and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of therapies with you. This also applies to the medicines we prescribe with their often unsettling and anxiety-provoking package inserts. We can also check the seriousness of information you have obtained from the internet and go through it together. With regard to treatment options, the effects on your quality of life are particularly important to us.

We are here for you, contact us anytime.

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