For nursing services

Our goal is to work with you to realize the wish of patients and relatives to spend the last days of their lives at home. 

Help together

Through the joint care of SAPV and nursing service this can be made possible even for patients with severe symptoms and a highly stressful environment.

All basic and treatment care services will continue to be provided by the nursing services. Our team provides support in the form of advice and guidance of the patient and relatives, medical and nursing symptom management, and coordination of necessary services. We can prescribe any missing aids, dressings or medications. A prescription for home care for the health insurance company is still issued by the family doctor.

Pflegedienste bei der Arbeit

Feedback on special situations

It is important for us to receive feedback on special situations or newly occurring symptoms from you as a trusted caregiver. This enables us to promptly adjust our medication or carry out crisis intervention.

Wound situation

Special wound situations in palliative patients with advanced disease tend to be treated with a symptom-oriented approach. The goal is then no longer to heal the wounds, but to treat the pain.

24 hours on-call service

If pain is caused with nursing care, pain medication must be given in advance. If anything is unclear, you can reach us at our 24-hour on-call number.

We are happy to advise!

Gern sind wir bei Fragen zu Wundversorgung, Ernährung, Medikamentengabe, Mikrolagerung und weiteren palliativpflegerischen Problemen für Sie unter 06172/499 763 0 erreichbar.

We are here for you, contact us anytime.

Opening hours

Mo - Fr: 08:00 - 16:00
Sa - So: Emergencies only


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